Our Monastic Day

Our day begins at approximately 6.30 a.m.  Meditation at 7 a.m in the chapel. Morning prayer at 7.30 a.m.

After morning prayer we have breakfast in silence, get a short walk in, and then Little Hour from the Divine Office in the chapel.

At 8.30 each sister will go to wherever she is working.  Sisters work in the altar breads, the sacristy, the laundry, the kitchen, the Retreat and Faith Centre, the infirmary, and many other jobs are done around the house.  At 10.30 sisters avail of soup, tea or coffee for a snack.

At 10.50 a.m the younger/newer sisters meet Sr. Gabrielle for lecture until 11.50 a.m.  We read and discuss various subject pertinent to our life. At 12 noon we pray the Office of Readings from the Divine Office and the Angelus.

12.30 is dinner time and dinner is in silence everyday except Thursdays and Sundays, Feast days and other special days. We make a thanksgiving visit to the Blessed Sacrament after dinner. During the next hour we have a half hour meditation and a half hour spiritual reading usually in your room or outside weather permitting.

Between 2 p.m -3 p.m if a sister has study to do, they do it during this time.  Each sister would be occupied in completing an earlier task or studying.  At 3 p.m we have another Little Hour from the Divine Office.  At this time we pray in a special way for the dead by ringing the bell 33 times symbolizing the years our Lord lived.

3.25 p.m snack time in the refectory. For the next hour we study, get the supper ready, prepare for Mass, and look after the Retreat Centre.  At 4.45 p.m – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and meditation, 5.15 p.m Evening Prayer and Mass at 5.45 p.m.

The public join us for meditation, Evening Prayer and Mass.  Supper is at 6.30 p.m.  We have silence at supper some evenings and recreation after supper. We say Night Prayer at about 7.45 – 8 p.m.  We would have recreation for an hour – during the summer, outside for a walk, on the bikes or a game of scrabble indoors.  We watch the news a couple of evenings a week.  The Great silence begins at 10pm.