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Fr. Andrzej Polish Redemptorist visits the Redemptoristines

Sr. Gabrielle and the Community at St. Alphonsus Monastery were only delighted to have Fr. Andrzej Wodka, C.Ss.R.,  a Polish Redemptorist along with Fr. George Wadding,C.Ss.R. Marianella, drop in for a visit.  Fr. Andrzej has spent time at the

Contemplatives continue to write Icons

The Redemptoristines hosted an Icon Retreat for Contemplatives.  Redemptoristines, a Poor Clare and a Dominican completed a week of writing Icons under the guidance of Icon Master Mihai Cucu. We were delighted to have Sr. Gabrielle, from The Poor Clares in Ennis, Co. Clare, and Sr. Ann Marie from the Dominicans in Drogheda for a most enriching week of writing icons. Here are some photos after the Blessing of the Icons.

If you would like to commission an Icon the Sisters would be privileged to write an Icon of your choice. Please contact Sr. Gabrielle at gabrielle.fox@redemptorists.ie or phone 01-830 5723.

Sr. Lucy

I come from Co. Offaly. I grew up on a farm near the Blueball and attended Coolanarney National School. I attended the Presentation Convent, Rahan and St Joseph of Cluny Boarding School in Ferbane for my Secondary education. After studying and receiving a Diploma in Theology from St Patrick’s College Maynooth I decided to travel to New York.

I lived in New York for a few years and taught in the Bronx and Queens. When I returned home in 2001 I worked as a teacher in Dublin and Offaly. I also worked as an Educational Welfare Officer visiting schools and homes. I loved the work reaching out to the children who were not in school and trying to integrate them again into school. I worked closely with about 40 schools in the North Inner City and Northside of Dublin.

The Redemptoristines came into my life while I was studying for a Master’s Degree in Religious Education for Primary Schools in Mater Dei Institute of Education in 2004. I responded to the restlessness within me for many years, and entered in May 2006. I am at peace and very happy in my life in the monastery. I work in our new Faith Centre welcoming many school who bring their classes on retreat and many parishes who use the Faith Centre as well. I also look after our Retreat Centre where people come on retreat and join us for prayer. I play the Zither for the Divine Office, write Icons, study for a Degree in Theology to name but a few of the activities.

The life I choose is very balanced. I go most mornings for a 20 minute walk after breakfast. In the afternoon I go on the bike in the grounds and I work-out in the gym in the monastery as well. Life is centred around the Liturgy of the Hours (Divine Office), the Eucharist, private Prayer, contemplation and work to keep the balance. I had my First Profession on the 21st February, 2009. I love a good book (preferably a murder) and friends give us a DVD now and then. There is time for relaxation and recreation with the community as well.

Sr. Maura

I come from a small village called Springlawn in MountBellew, Co Galway. From there my Primary school education brought me to the Mercy Convent in Tuam for Secondary education. Since then my journey has led me on a winding road of self-knowledge. The treasured road I travelled to this monastery is paved with youthful, innocent and worldly desires which to this day still bring tears and smiles to my face. I spent some years working in England and furthering my education there via college. I returned to Ireland and worked for the Eastern Health Board and continuing along my treasured road I embarked on a journey of self-discovery as I commenced working for the Mater Hospital, not too far from this monastery. It was here that I finally stopped rushing and racing to the pace of this world and started to listen to God’s call and how I should serve others. We are all called to something and somewhere, but through listening attentively I found the directions easier to come upon.

I felt called to the Redemptoristines in 2005 and I entered on the 21st September, which I thank God for. As Redemptoristines we are called to be witnesses, a living memorial of Christ, and I found this to be where I could serve God and others best. Our life of prayer extends beyond the obvious forms to a ceaseless prayer of doing all with and in God. For example, I have received my diploma in Theology and am currently studying for my degree.  I have written icons on occasion and make cards and I have learned to play the flute. I enjoy many other activities also whether it’s going for a peaceful walk or playing a competitive game of scrabble. I have wonderful Sisters in community and a wonderful relationship, thank God, with my family and I get a great sense of comfort in the fact that they are happy about my contemplative form of life. On the 6th August 2011, I took my Solemn Vows as a religious and am still continuing on along my ‘treasured road’.

Sr. Monica

I come from Co. Meath and I entered the Monastery on the 12th January 2008. I work in the Altar Breads and help in other areas of the Monastery when needed. I am studying, I enjoy reading and walking in the garden.