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Redemptoristine, Srs Shital Mary & Helen Mary’s Clothing ceremonies

We thank God for this wonderful gift of Sr Shital Mary on her Clothing Day

8th December 2019



We thank God for this wonderful gift of Sr Helen Mary on her Clothing Day

5th October 2019

Sr Maire Brid’s First Profession

            We give thanks to God and our Blessed Mother for the wonderful gift of                        Sr Maire Brid in our community.

On the 31st August 2019, Sr Maire Brid continued her journey as a Redemptoristine nun by taking her temporary vows.

In these photos we see Sr Maire Brid kneel and recite her ‘Formula of Profession’ and then proceed to sign it on the altar.

The black veil is then blessed and placed on her head to symbolise her deepening commitment to God and this community.


The autumn of life gives rise to the contemplation of the mystery of the cycle from life to death.

The autumn of life gives rise to the contemplation of the mystery of the cycle from life to death. As the trees change colour, displaying marvellous shades of yellow, red and orange leaves, which gradually fall away, we admire their gracious letting go and the beauty of the trees in their stark vulnerability. So too does the soul of each Redemptoristine Nun prepare with joy for the final coming of Christ and his promised unending life.

As a young woman she will have left the prospects of career, family and accomplishments but also a world of noise and confusion. She will have felt the need of silence to hear the Father’s voice, whispering words of peace but also showing her gently where she needs to go, what she needs to do and how she needs to change. This will benefit her but will also make her a channel of mercy for others.

As a Redemptoristine nun, she will connect our world to heaven, through hours of prayer, work and silence. Her life will be one of simplicity and order, of meditation and creativity. Yet, there will be a wonderful humanity and kindness that filters from the monastery through prayer and an unfailing devotion to life.

In Lectio Divina, the discipline of reading the scriptures in order to listen to the Word of God with the ear of the heart she becomes transformed into his viva memoria (living memory) of Christ (Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa). She waits his coming and ponders on the promise of God to be with us.

Joy is the hallmark of the Redemptoristine charism and springs from the certainty that God is close. He is within, in times of joy and sadness, in times of sickness and in health, and this joy endures, even in difficulties, in disappointments, in suffering itself.

An unfailing rhythm of liturgical prayer punctuate the day giving structure to her day. Her spirituality and mystical insights are deeply rooted in and shaped by scripture. Through the daily Eucharist she is strengthened in communion with Christ in her monastic community.

She will never possess anything for herself and will see the natural resources of the monastery as gifts from God to be received with thankfulness and returned at the end of her life, hopefully viable for future generations.

‘Plants of the earth, O bless the Lord, Fountains and springs, O bless the Lord, Every bird in the sky, O bless the Lord,

To him be highest glory and praise for ever.

(Canticle of Daniel 3:57-88).

Her work carried out each day of each year of her life bears an ethos that is ascetical, earning of the living of the community, living a moderate, balanced way of life and sharing with those in need. All of her activity is embraced in a spiritual perspective, motivated by Christ’s attitudes, values and example. Being responsible and generous grounds her in humility of heart and with a deep patience. Her service gives concrete expression to her gratitude and praise of God.

Finally, the winter darkness deepens and the cycle of life is ending, her work is done and the Sister hastens to Christ the Light which dispels all darkness.

May the Lord support us all the day long,

Till the shades lengthen and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed,

and the fever of life is over, and our work is done.

John Henry Newman


The Community says their farewell knowing that they will meet again in Christ.

The cortege passes through the monastery cloister on its way to the community cemetery where their Sister will be laid to rest.

Requiest in pace

Handing-over of Kloster St. Anna

Handing-over of Kloster St. Anna Property in Ried im Innkreis to the Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles (SRA).

The Redemptoristine Nuns in Kloster St. Anna in Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria, after four years of collaboration with the Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles (SRA) have finally on August 18, 2018 handed-over the ownership of their property, belonging since 1852 to the sisters. In the presence of the Notary and Atty. Rotter, the lawyer of both Congregations, the contract was signed by Sr. Maria Anna Stehrer, OSsR, the Prioress and Sr. M. Jacinta, OSsR, Secretary; and Sr. M. Nanditha Pereira, SRA, Superior General of the SRA. With this agreement, the OSsR Nuns retain the right to stay in their cloister.

The SRA as proprietor take charge in administering the properties in Kloster St. Anna, and most significantly, will oversee the caring of the six nuns who renounced their property graciously. The missionary sisters will continue the activities of the nuns and will organize more ministries according to their Charism.

It took more than a year for this process of handing-over to finalize under the able guidance of Fr. Lorenz Voith, CSsR. He was the former Provincial of the Redemptorist  Province of Austria and is now the Parish Priest of the Parish of St. Mary (Marienpfarre) in Vienna and the Bishop’s Vicar of the Diocese of Eisenstadt (Bgld), Austria.

This momentous event was highlighted with a Eucharistic celebration at 11:00 AM presided over by Fr. Dr. Adolf Trawöger, the Bishop’s Vicar for Religious of the Diocese of Linz, Upper Austria, with the presence of priests, religious sisters and parishioners of nearby places and a good number of SRA sisters. The celebration ended with a simple but delicious lunch!

Sr Petra and Sr Gabrielle (Dublin) attended the ceremony by invitation and offered the community support and solidarity at this time. The initiative is a courageous and necessary solution to the dilemma in which the Ried community finds itself and pre-empts the recommendations of ‘Cor Orans’. It will free and enable the community to continue to live faithfully and with total dedication their Redemptoristine life.


Icon Writing at the Monastery of St Alphonsus

Icon Writing at the Monastery of St Aphonsus

During the Month of July 2018 there were two Icon Writing Retreats and many came to write an Icon and go deeper into God during the process of praying and writing the icons with Mihai Cucu the master Iconographer.  The Icons were blessed and anointed on the Saturday morning and the icons were venerated by the parishioners.