First Week of Advent

The word adventus is Latin for “a coming” or an arrival.” Advent is a season of joy as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem.  Advent is also a time to rekindle hope.  Because God has entered our physical world, nothing in our human experience is beyond hope or meaning.  

Let Christ Be Formed in You

As God was physically formed in Mary, so he wills to be spiritually formed in you. If you knew he was seeing through your eyes, you would see in everyone a child of God. If you knew that he worked  through your hands, they would bless all the day through… If you knew that he wants to use your mind, your will, your fingers, and your heart, how different you would be. If half the world did this, there would  be no war.

Taken from Advent Meditations

from Bishop J. Fulton Sheen

Practice this week: Become more aware of God’s presence in your life in the present moment and invite him into everything you do and say.  You will experience his loving presence, he will draw you closer to his heart and he will also do wonders in your life. 


Treasures for the Soul

There must always be a relationship between the gift and the recipient – there is no point in giving anyone a treasure he cannot use. A father would not give a boy with no talent a music a Stradivarus violin. Neither will God give to egocentrics those gifts and powers and energies that they never propose to put to work in the transformation of their lives and souls.


Taken from Advent meditations of Bishop Fulton J.Sheen

Practice for this week: Recognise the gifts and talents that you have been given by God and be grateful for them. All that we have been given by God is gift. Use some of these talents that you have been given to bring joy to others. In doing this, you are also bringing the love of God to others.



10th of December

11th December