Sr M. Jacinta

I am one of a family of 14 children.  I was born in Clones in Co. Monaghan.  Later my family moved to Cavan Town, as my father who worked on the G.N.R. (Railway) was changed.  I entered what we now call the old Monastery when I was 19.  I have been blessed to have entered a happy united community.  After 65 years in religious life, I thank God for all the peace and happiness I enjoy, and for the love and support of my community and family.  We keep all people in our prayers, especially those who are going through difficult times.  Growing up as a young girl, times were hard, but God is always there for each one, when we ask His help.  I entered in 1947 and now the oldest sister in the monastery.  When I entered there were 31 sisters in the community.  I spent most of my religious life in the kitchen.  Back then, we had our own cows, fowl, potato crop, our own vegetables and fruit tress.  We made a lot of jam and saved what we could for the cold winters.  Everything was preserved in the basement of the monastery as we didn’t have fridges back then!  Our numbers dropped for many years, but now because Sr Gabrielle is at the helm, we have 6 young sisters and more to come! We are very grateful to God for watching over us and sending us many new vocations.